Zen Meditation: What Makes It Different From Others?

Zen Meditation: What Makes It Different From Others

Zen meditation is an ancient tradition followed by the Buddhist monks. It is also called as Zazen. It can be an efficient alternative to traditional meditation.

In recent times, it has gained massive popularity in the Western lands.

Zen Meditation: What Makes It Different From Others
Zen Meditation: What Makes It Different From Others?

The Roots Of Zen Meditation

It is originated from China and spread over Japan, Korea, and the Asian countries gradually. The Japanese word ”Zen” is derived from the Chinese word ”Chan’ which is again taken from the Indian term ”Dhyana”. It means concentration. Though it is a little stricter, still you will start enjoying it after practicing for a few weeks.

Benefits Of Zen Meditation

The main purpose of this technique is spiritual. It provides deep insight into the way mind functions. It heals the persons suffering from depression, anxiety, stressfulness, and similar kind of emotional turbulence. This method discloses the innate strength and clarity of mind. It is useful for both the beginners and the experts.

The aim is to get rid of the views and feelings that arise in mind. Thus, you can build up an insight into the mind and body. Apart from relieving stress or tension, it goes much deeper. It handles some general life questions that you cannot answer often. It primarily depends on intuition and practice rather than logic.

The great Buddhist master Bodhidharma described it as “A unique communication outside the teachings; not established upon words as well as letters; pointing simply to the human mind; observing nature and becoming a Buddha.”

Instead of resolving life problems temporarily, it focuses on the root cause. It teaches us that true happiness does not depend on wealth, fame, success, or any other materialistic parameters, it lies within us.

The more you will give, the more you will be richer. It encourages us to find happiness in the tiny things that life has gifted us. Our joyfulness increases with the expansion of compassion for others.

According to the Zen masters, if you are looking out for inner peace, ‘don’t think much about it. Instead, concentrate on ‘others’ happiness. It will give you unlimited peace and joy.

Zen Meditation: What Makes It Different From Others
Zen Meditation: What Makes It Different From Others


Observation Of The Breath :

First, you have to sit in a comfortable posture like half-lotus or seiza pose. Sit on a yoga mat or padded cushion. Those who are unable to sit on the floor can sit on a chair. Choose a calm and silent place for it. Now, close your eyes and concentrate on the breathing process. To be more precise, focus on how the air goes in and out of the belly. It will develop a sense of alertness.

Quiet Awareness :

Unlike focusing on breathing, it allows the thoughts to flow through the mind freely without being judgemental. There is no approval or refusal. The Japanese call it shikantaza, which means just sitting.

The meditators need to realize that Zen is the end, not a method to get to the end.

Intensive Group Meditation :

Dedicated meditators practice it in groups in the centers or monasteries. Each practice session lasts for 40-50 minutes, which includes sitting, walking, taking meals, and even a short break. All are done silently.

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