Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation

Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation

We all have a mind, but we are not the boss of our minds. Instead, it is our mind that governs our actions. The mind is the most important and valuable asset in our life. It determines the quality of our life and the way we perceive it. Meditation is the way to have a healthy mind. It helps you to control your mind and help in enhancing your life. It helps you to become a master of life and make your life a better place. Meditation inculcates some special skills in your life, which can be referred to as ‘superpowers.’ Do we discuss Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation


Mediation improves and enhances your ability to concentrate. It means that you can focus on things more deeply without any distractions. In due course of time, the length of your attention increases. But you need to practice it regularly for that. There are so many distractions around you. To set your attention on a particular thing or subject is highly challenging today. Meditation is a great way to increase your focus and excel in all spheres of life: education, finances, career, sports, etc.

Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation
Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation

Better focus helps you in different ways:

  • It helps you to be mentally more alter in your day to day activities.
  • It makes you a better communicator and listener.
  • Lets you take your decisions wisely. 


With proper meditation, you can have a better emotional balance. You have to stop emotions from overpowering your intellect. You learn to let things go and accept reality. This is also known as a zooming out phase. 

Sometimes it may be a traumatic occurrence from your past or a negative and victimizing self-talk. At times when everything goes smoothly, a negative remark from a close one ruins your day. All these things make you feel low, angry, confused, and, most importantly, de-motivate you. Zooming out is the best way to deal with such situations. It allows you to see the bigger picture and brings in a positivity to your life.


This is a valuable skill that can be attained by meditation. We are too quick to react to people and situations in our day to day lives. We do not respond but react impatiently. But the situation should be the opposite. One must pause, think, and only then react. Pausing is important for the following reasons:

  • Keeps you away from anger issues. Restricts you from reacting impatiently with anger.
  • Increase analyzing capability. 
  • It helps you to stick to the values of life. 
Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation
Why Meditate? The Four Superpowers Of Meditation

Changes Your Views On Life

All the processes mentioned above come together to change and refine your understanding of life. The more you learn to inculcate those abilities, the more you are happy and contended. Apart from that, meditation makes you notice the things in your life from a broader perspective. A person who sticks to meditation can deal with fear, anxiety, negativity, self-hatred, etc. and overcome them. It shifts your focus toward truth, beauty, and spirituality. You feel light, happy, and elevated with regular meditation.

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