What Is Guided Meditation?

What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a way in which one or more than one person mediates under the guidance of professionals. Guided meditation can occur in any form be it in person, via text, sound recording, or audio-visual media combining both music and verbal instructions.

Meditation helps in reducing stress and also provides inner peace. People consider it as the best instrument to stabilize emotions and tackle physical and also psychological distress. Meditation becomes tough without any guidance.

What Is Guided Meditation?
What Is Guided Meditation?

Working Of Guided Meditation?

In guided meditation, there is no need to know anything. All an individual has to do is to listen and move easily and return to the unconscious mind. Meditation helps in sound sleep and puts an end to unnecessary thoughts and conversation running in mind.

Some Best Types Of Guided Meditation

  • Chakra sleep meditation– Chakra sleeps meditation session last for 35 minutes. This meditation is perfect for those who need peaceful sleep and gets up with full energy. Or for those who want to clean their energy system
  • Fall asleep fast –Fall asleep soon is helpful for those who are suffering from sleeplessness and wants to sleep quickly.
  • Five Minute Miracle– As the name says, this meditation session lasts for five minutes only. The course is helpful for those who want to remind themselves to enjoy life.
  • For self-esteem, concern, and hopelessness- This meditation sessions last for 21 minutes and makes an individual feel good about yourself and your life. This session increases confidence and makes an individual a great thinker.
What Is Guided Meditation?
What Is Guided Meditation?

How To Get Started With Guided Meditation

Guided meditation let an individual meditate under somebody’s guidance. Guides take an individual through a lot of breathing techniques and mantra and also help in practicing meditation. It can be in the form of a podcast, video, or studio class. A guide helps to meditate step by step so that an individual can concentrate on relaxing and meditating.

  • How to find a guide

In today’s world of technology, it becomes easy to find a guided meditation on demand. There are lots of options available like online music service, podcasts, and yoga studio. Online music services provide access to several meditation sessions, whereas podcasts include understanding and working opportunities. Yoga studio let an individual practice meditation surrounded by other people.

  • Set aside time to meditate

It is essential to take out time to meditate if an individual is willing to meditate regularly. People believe that meditation should either be the first thing in the morning or the last thing in the evening.

  • How to get most out of it

Once it’s decided to start meditation first thing an individual has to do is to keep cell phones on silent mode to keep away all distractions. Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and inhale and exhale naturally and let guide takes you from there. Make meditation a regular practice to get the most benefit out of it.

  • The process of meditation

While practicing meditation initially, an individual finds it uncomfortable even meditating under the guide.


Meditation is all about paying attention to the body. It helps in practicing meditation under the guide. The guide takes an individual through a lot of breathing techniques and relaxation. It can help in a lot of ways. It helps in reducing anxiety, lowers down stress, and also helps in sleeping better and gets rid of sleeplessness.

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