What are The Different Types Of Meditation?

Different Types Of Meditation

Meditation is not something that an individual does; It’s a state of mind or a state of awareness. Moreover, practicing meditation helps in keeping the mind quiet. The objective of meditation is not to restrain any thoughts, but to separate an individual from them, from their meaning and their awareness.

Meditation refers to becoming a different person, a new individual, or a better person. Moreover, meditation provides time for relaxation and increases consciousness in a demanding world.

An individual who meditates, it gives them a chance to develop physical well being as well as an emotional state. There are different types of meditation, and all meditation types have different sub-types.

Different Types Of Meditation
What are The Different Types Of Meditation?

Different Categories Of Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation- Metta Meditation is another name for loving-kindness meditation. The objective of this form of meditation is to develop love and kindness toward everything, be it an enemy or a cause of anxiety. It can help and cure anger, frustration, resentment, and also interpersonal conflict

This form of meditation helps in boosting positive energy and reduces stress and sadness.

Body scan or progressive relaxation- This helps an individual in scanning body to find out areas of tension. The main motive is to observe tension and allow it to release.

Some forms of progressive relaxation want people to tense and then calm down muscles, whereas others motivate an individual to think about a wave, traveling over the body to let go tension. Meditation encourages a feeling of peace.

Types Of Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation- This form motivates practitioner to be alert and present at the moment. Mindfulness encourages the practitioner to be aware of the current surrounding. Instead of living in the past or being worried about the future, one should live in the present.

Mindful meditation can be practiced anywhere. Mindfulness helps in lowering down negative thoughts, enhances concentration and memory. It also enhances satisfaction towards relationship

Breath awareness meditation- Breath awareness is a form of mindful meditation that motivates mindful breathing. The motive is to concentrate on breathing and pay no attention to the opinion that enters the mind. It helps in reducing worry and Enhance focus.

Different Types Of Meditation
What are The Different Types Of Meditation?

Some More Types Of Meditation

  1. Kundalini Yoga- An active form of meditation that connects activities with deep inhalation and mantras. Kundalini Yoga improves physical power and lowers down pains like another form of yoga. Mental health can be enhanced by reducing worry and sadness.
  2. Zen Meditation- Zazen also refers to zen meditation and a type of Buddhist practice. The motive is to look for a comfortable position, concentrating on the breath and to monitor opinion without perception. Zen meditation is a more disciplined form of meditation than mindful meditation.
  3. Transcendental Meditation- It’s a pure form of meditation.where an individual remain seated and breathe slowly. The objective is to get above the present state of mind.


Meditation benefits both physical and mental health of an individual. Meditation is an easy way to decrease stress. It’s a simple process and can be practiced by anybody. It helps in enhancing self-awareness and concentrating on the present. It also eliminates negative thoughts. Medical conditions like anxiety, asthma, and cancer even get cured with practicing meditation.