What Are Mala Beads And How Do I Use Them – Know More

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Mala is a strand of a total of 108 beads along with one head bead or a summit. The head bead is what we call as Sumeru. Malas are for prayer and meditation. It is one of the newest trends in wearable yoga. The mala help in focusing the mind better towards meditation. People who count mantras in 108 repetitions also take the help of mala beads for concentrating on the meditation. The article will also answer the most common question of people regarding the mala that “how do I use them”.

Buddha and Evil Eye Bracelet Charm for Women and Men – How Do I Use Them

Buddha and Evil Eye Bracelet Charm for Women and Men - How Do I Use Them
What Are Mala Beads And How Do I Use Them – Know More

You can use this bracelet as a charm for the users. It looks very charming, and both men and women can use it as it is a unisex product. Also, it has the head of the Buddha as the head bead, which makes it more charming. It also helps to keep the evil away according to the traditions as it has evil eyes on it. The mala is to meditate between the middle finger and thumb. You have to repeat the mantra along with turning every bead of the mala.

The person should be wearing the mala on the right wrist according to the most traditional advice. If the mala is long or even short for wrapping the last round on the wrist, a safety pin can be used. People who use it feel the extra energy and power in them.


  • Elastic Bracelet: This bracelet has an elastic band that can fit in most of the arms, whether thin or a bit thick. So, don’t worry about the size of the bracelet and if it will fit your arm.
  • Very Charming: It is a very charming bracelet and looks very fashionable. You can also wear it as a fashion trend. It is also not a very expensive item but it looks like it is.
  • Unisex: It is a unisex product and can be used by both men and women without the fear of getting judged for wearing the bracelet on the wrist.
  • Color Choices: There are many color choices available for this product. There are almost 28 different choices for you to choose from. The options vary due to both color and the design of the bracelet.

Chakra Healing Crystals – How Do I Use Them

Chakra Healing Crystals
What Are Mala Beads And How Do I Use Them – Know More

Many vibrational healers use these chakra healing crystals and bracelet and Reiki therapists use it for meditation or cure some of the body issues. Some people also like to gift it to their loved and close ones on the occasion of Christmas or birthday. Some energy workers use it as well. 


Meditation is one of the essential things which everyone should add up in their daily routine as it has several health benefits both emotionally and physically. Malas are used to enhancing concentration while meditating. The chakra healing crystals are also used for the same purpose, but the professionals mostly use them. They are also considered as good luck charms, and people keep them for keeping the evil away.

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