Vipassana In Today’s Time


Vipassana is an ancient branch of meditation. It is saying that ‘to change the world, first change yourself.’ Therefore, to make the world a peaceful and happy place, the change should start from within. Vipassana helps to attain a state of peace and calmness. In today’s world, the roots of Vipassana are not strong enough.

But some meditation instructors of Myanmar are keeping it alive. So, it has again been introduced to the people with its numerous benefits. Buddha was a great practitioner of Vipassana. And it spread from India to Myanmar during the reign of King Asoka.

Origin And History Of Vipassana

Vipassana In Today’s Time
Vipassana In Today’s Time

Buddha rediscovered Vipassana as an art of meditation around 528 BCE. Buddha teachings are termed as Dhamma. Furthermore, it spread to Myanmar during the reign of King Asoka. But after some time, it started to fade away.

In the Burmese Vipassana Movement, Buddhist monks tried to revive the art of Vipassana meditation. And the credit for the revival of it goes to S. N. Goenka. He was born in Myanmar but was of Indian origin. Sayagyi  U Ba Khin appointed Goenka to spread the knowledge of meditation in the world in 1969.

Method To Practice Vipassana

The best place to practice it according to Buddha was in natural surroundings. Sit peacefully on the floor with eyes closed and breathe slowly. Keep every kind of thought away from the mind and focus on the movement of the abdomen and rib cage. The best time to practice it is early morning.

However, it can be performed anytime by removing all the thoughts from the mind and breathing deeply. Another way to meditate is walking meditation. Walking meditation is mainly focused on the footsteps. Try to feel the sensations in the feet during each step.

Benefits Of Vipassana

Vipassana In Today’s Time
Vipassana In Today’s Time

On spiritual and mental levels, it helps in purifying the brain of impure thoughts. So, the brain can focus on the positives of life. Apart from that, some significant changes are also observed in the practitioner. Namely, increased efficiency, creative thinking, positive changes in nature, and soothing words.

Just like impure thoughts, toxic habits are also removed by Vipassana. Addiction to alcohol or drugs arises when the person follows a wrong path. In that case, meditation makes the person follow the path of positivity and truth.

Moreover, it is also a cure for stress, depression, and anxiety. Everyone knows that a healthy mind is responsible for a healthy body. And it is true for meditation, as it also helps in resolving many major health issues.


Regular practice of Vipassana shows an individual the path from impure thoughts to the purity of mind. And it is just the science of focusing on the inner self and gaining self-consciousness.

Apart from that, it also gives the knowledge of how the mind and body interact. Negative thoughts indeed make the mind suffer and body inefficient. But through it, the array of negative thoughts have vanished. And the results are peace and harmony in society.