Transcendental Meditation- What You Should Know

The only thing that can explain the intensity of Transcendental Meditation is the self-realization that it brings. If a person in Yoga, who is proficient at doing uplands, stops practicing Transcendental Meditation, it will remain an article for another day. That is how intense the Transcendental Meditation process is.

The object of this meditation is to become one with God. According to the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh, a person can go on practicing Transcendental Meditation to the point where he feels himself transcending to God.

Transcendental Meditation- What You Should Know
Transcendental Meditation- What You Should Know

Transcendental Meditation Brings One Closer To The Supernatural Realms

He is one with the Universe, which God is; one with God, which is the worlds, which is the collective consciousness; and he is one with the individual consciousness, which is the consciousness of his egoic self. So, he becomes one with everything. From feeling everything to nothingness, to knowing everything to nothingness, a person can go on doing this meditation without any difficulty.

In Yoga, one should practice Transcendental Meditation daily and perform asanas daily. You must never give up doing Upasanas. If you practice this exercise, and if you are devoted to do it every day, it will all come off as a matter of time. But this is an ongoing process.

Another area in which this meditation helps is in your diet. It improves your digestion, which will help you to absorb nutrients and substances better. As you prepare your meal, think of something good for you and as you begin to eat, think of the food and its goodness.

It Can Be Practiced It In Dream State

You can also practice Transcendental Meditation in your dream state. Concentrate on your breath and your body. Don’t be conscious of anything else. It takes the full concentration of your mind. If you’re going to practice it during meditation, you should not be meditating. If you are meditating and your mind wanders, you should not be disturbed by it. You should still have your mind fixed on the Transcendental Meditation. The technique of doing this will depend on the state of your body.

This kind of meditation will also bring about self-realization. When your mind is still, you will observe the workings of your body. By just noticing this, you will learn the nitty-gritty of the human body.

As you practice this meditation, you will learn to stay conscious even when you’re in a state of deep sleep. You will also feel it as your self-awareness increases. Your awareness will be different from what you’re used to.

There are many activities that will help you keep the brain active. The most important is the activity of the brain. When you don’t keep the brain active, there will be some other organ that will need the brain’s attention.

Transcendental Meditation- What You Should Know
Transcendental Meditation- What You Should Know

With Transcendental Meditation, your body will start to move in certain ways. First, it will slow down so that the flow of energy gets better. As you practice this, your body will react to the moment and it will follow that natural flow. You will develop the ability to catch yourself and realize what you are doing.

Meditation is a very useful way to keep your mind in the present. There is nothing wrong with it. All you need to do is to devote your time to it. It will do wonders for your life.

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