Transcendental Meditation: A Step Towards Peace

Transcendental Meditation : A Step Towards Peace

Transcendental meditation is another form of meditation, introduced by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi in 1958 in the West. He has written several books and traveled all over the world and taught over 40,000 trainers.

It is prescribed by the doctors for medical treatments too. It is usually recommended to practice twice a day, for nearly 20 minutes in each session. Since this does not take much time to practice, you can do it in your workplace too. It helps you to combat stress or frustration effectively. Enlightenment is the target of this meditation. The practitioner will be able to improve himself spiritually.

Transcendental Meditation : A Step Towards Peace
Transcendental Meditation: A Step Towards Peace

What Is Transcendental Meditation?

It is a combination of some of the traditional meditation techniques that include chanting a mantra. If you practice it as less as 20 minutes a day, it will help you to be in a state of mindfulness for the rest of the day.

What is the reason behind the increasing popularity of Transcendental meditation?

It has become so popular because it is extremely easy to practice. A fresher can learn this quickly with proper dedication. And it takes lesser time which is apt for today’s world.

Short Description Of The Technique

During this session, your mind experiences a deep, peaceful state. You have to utter a name (usually the god you believe in) or visualize the image. With continuous replaying the name you enter the deeper state. It starts working even before realizing it. With constant practice, you can reach the height of restful awareness, which is termed as transcendental consciousness. Choose a place free from noise and does not create any distraction.

Transcendental Meditation : A Step Towards Peace
Transcendental Meditation: A Step Towards Peace

7 States Of Transcendental Meditation

It consists of seven states that gradually take you to a deep state of mindfulness.

 The seven states are Awakening, dream, dream sleepless, transcendental consciousness, cosmic consciousness, God-consciousness, and unity of consciousness. The last two are the refined states of consciousness.


They claim that regular practice increases one’s creativity, IQ, compassion, and even the neural system to start functioning in a better way. Doing this, you will be able to release all the suppressed emotions within you, which will lead you to a happier, meaningful life.

Through reducing the stress levels, the person gains higher productivity levels. It provides many clear thoughts by helping avoid stressful thoughts. According to many studies, the process offers aid in reducing insomnia for the carriers. Further, it helps to maintain normal blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of a heart attack. It also improves memory.

Overall, it works wonderful for all. The students, professionals, aged people, everyone will be the gainer if they start practicing.

One major advantage is that it helps in the reduction of your aging, and keeps you young. On a study, it has been seen that the biological age of a group of regular practitioners is 12 years less on average than their chronological age.

Course Awarded

 The Maharshi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, offers a degree in it called ” Science of Creative Intelligence.”

Start practicing this meditation technique and see the difference in your life.

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