Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Prayer Singing Bowl


In a busy world, with all the commotions, stress, and works, we always feel the need for a break. After working for a week, we always look forward to the weekend. Weekends are the best part of everyone’s life. We start planning about the weekend on the working days. We expect about the parties, outings, dinners, and many more, and we usually keep the Sundays for a calm and peaceful day because we need to work the next day. When we speak about peace, it doesn’t mean we have to sleep the day or stay indoors. We can choose to meditate. It is the one the best form of staying calm and have a peaceful weekend ahead. The Tibetan Buddhist Nepal meditation prayer singing bowl would be the best choice anyone would make for their home. Know more about the bowl here.

Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Bowl

Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Bowl
Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Bowl

The Tibetan Buddhist Nepal meditation prayer singing bowl is a bowl with which the Buddhists in the Nepal temples usually use this tool for meditation. This bowl comes with a wooden stick with which the container is beaten to create a ringing sound that is calm and also gives peace. The bowl is beaten to create music before completing a part of the meditation or before starting another meditation. This prayer singing bowl is also used during chanting prayers. After every chant, this bowl is usually beaten. The Buddhist regularly used this bowl for the meditation. Now, this bowl is readily available. 


  • The prayer singing meditation bowl is of copper, and hence, it can have a very long-lasting life. The quality of the copper metal is excellent and perfect for buying.
  • This prayer singing bowl comes with a rosewood mallet with which the sound is produced. The product quality is first class and the perfect for meditation. It helps you to meditate with peace and calmness. Anyone can buy this product for meditating with this. The sound is more pleasant than the recorded music which we play while meditating.
  • Other than meditating, you can also use it as the best decorative for your house. You can use this product for both purposes. We can meditate with this, and on the other hand, when we don’t meditate, we can use it as a decorative piece.
  • Handmade metal makes the best product for your home. Very few people nowadays buy handmade products, but with this product, you can win minds and hearts by its beauty.


Today we often say that meditation is a new and easy way to achieve calmness. But the fact is that meditation is a kind of skill people practice over the years. There are no records from the past about the introduction of meditation. But the Tibetans commonly follow it as a ritual in many cultures. The Tibetan people most frequently use the process of meditation for peace and calmness. Anyone can meditate, and hence anyone in the house can use this. Not just meditation and decorative, you can also give this a gift to someone. They would like the present. This prayer singing bowl has numerous benefits that will make you want to buy this.