Meditation – The Success Mindset Of Meditation

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Meditation is a mental act that can be described as the scientific study of silence. A person using meditation is attempting to silence the mind and become conscious in a controlled manner. It can also be described as becoming aware of all the resources you have within you which previously were unconscious. In this case, the silent place of meditation is called the mind.

Meditation - The Success Mindset Of Meditation
Meditation – The Success Mindset Of Meditation

Many people who practice meditation are unaware of the fact that they are using a success mindset. This mind state is the place where you seek to be. You seek to achieve success and what you seek to achieve is consciousness.

Meditation is a powerful tool to be used for yourself or for the greater good of another person or group. The practice of meditation is a process and the mind must be quieted and opened in order to progress.

Meditation is the use of silence for personal benefit or the benefit of another. There are a few stages that you can go through to find the meditative state. After each stage, you go deeper into silence and allow your awareness to expand to feel as if there is no outside or inside. As you do this you will be able to reach the true place of consciousness and realize the benefits of meditation.

First Stage Of Meditation

The first stage that you go through is called wake up. During this stage, you start to become aware of the physical body and when it becomes aware of itself, it too becomes quiet. At this point, you become aware of all the different sensations that are in the body. You realize that you are indeed part of the physical body and that it is the body that is quiet.

At this point, you will realize a distinct sound of sound. This sound is a deep level of silence as a direct result of your internal breathing being quiet. There is an increase in your awareness of your breath and at this point, you can choose to be aware of the rest of the body or you can choose to be aware of your breath alone.

Second Stage Of Meditation

The second stage of meditation is known as quieting down. At this point, you are able to hear the same deeper sound of silence as you were in the wake-up stage. This may be accompanied by an increase in muscle tension and this is part of the process to complete the meditation process.

Third Stage

The third stage is called letting go. At this point, your muscles will become stronger and tighter as you relax. Your body will become stronger and more powerful as your muscles become relaxed and at peace. This is the stage where you become capable of a greater amount of physical exercise and a higher level of flexibility.

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage is known as expanding. At this point, you can move to a higher frequency and also have a greater amount of awareness of your surroundings. At this point you can listen to the sounds of your own heartbeat and as your breathing becomes deeper. You can also now hear sounds from above as this is often associated with the fifth stage of meditation.

At this stage, you may find that you are very comfortable in a silent position that is similar to the kneeling position. At this point, it is highly recommended that you sit up and stretch out your legs to relieve any tension. Relaxing all the muscles in your body will also help as will stay close to your body and visualizing the body and other objects around you.

Final Stage

The final stage of meditation is called deep sleep. At this point, you are able to open your eyes and to move around your body without any external guidance. The fact that you are in a calm and silent place is your guide and support throughout the meditation session. You will reach a point of feeling completely relaxed and this is a good time to leave the room.

Meditation - The Success Mindset Of Meditation
The Success Mindset Of Meditation

The final stage of meditation is known as total relaxation and is also known as a spiritual level of relaxation. It is a state of mind where you are fully relaxed from head to toe. It is the perfect place to meditate because you have reached the state where your body is completely relaxed and this will allow you to truly benefit from your meditation experience.

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