Spiritualism: A Religious Movement

Spiritualism: A Religious Movement

Spiritualism is an old school of religious movements. People who practice spiritualism believe that the spirit of dead people lives among us. They also believe that dead people can communicate with us. It is also known as “afterlife,” a world of spirits.

The practitioners believe that spirits are more advanced than humans. They are capable of providing moral and ethical knowledge on various issues. They also impart knowledge of the nature of God. Some practitioner believes that the spirits provide spiritual guidance. Spiritism is a branch of spiritualism which emphasizes strictly on the reincarnation of dead people.

Spiritualism: A Religious Movement
Spiritualism: A Religious Movement

Beliefs Of Spiritualism

  • Mediumship and spirits- the spirit medium helps to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Becoming a spirit medium requires a thorough study and practice on spiritualism. Some spiritualist believes that anyone can receive a message from spirit. But only through medium formal communications is possible. These spirits, through this medium, can then communicate about knowledge on moral and ethical issues, provide spiritual guidance, and tell about the nature of God.
  • Religious views- spiritualism is not taken by everyone positively. Some religions believe it to be witchcraft, and some make it responsible for the American civil war.
  • Declaration of principles- there is no defined set of rules for following it. But a spiritual organization in the USA have adopted some declaration of principles. There are all in all nine principles which teach about it.

Some Other Beliefs

Spiritualism: A Religious Movement
Spiritualism: A Religious Movement

Across the world, different religion practice and belief in spiritualism. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism are the prominent religions which follow it. Spiritualists across the world consider the following beliefs:-

  • It awakens the people towards understanding and embracing spiritual laws of nature. They believe these laws are the laws of God.
  • Some believe that it is a part of science. Spiritualist consider spiritualism as part of science because it helps in analyzing, investigating, and classifying the facts which are related to the existence of spirits and their mode of communication.
  • Spiritualist also believe that the spirits have higher power and knowledge than a human being. They believe that they do no harm to humans and only carry otherworldly messages.
  • Some believe it to be a part of philosophy. It is considered so because it enhances the knowledge of laws of nature, seen as well as unseen.

Side Effects Of Spiritualism

Following spiritualism has some pros as well as cons. Some of the side effects of the excessive practice of spiritualism are:-

  • Spiritualists often feel out of place, from others around them and also from the entire world. They build their own life surrounded by spirits and live a life of isolation.
  • They often become hypersensitive to their surroundings and dislike other people’s energy.
  • Their mind works every time, which have a deep effect on them, mentally as well as physically.
  • They express overwhelming feelings of happiness or sadness.
  • Witchcraft follows the excess practice of it.


Different people follow different religions, and spiritualism is one of them. Often people consider this religion more witchcraft than a religion. It all depends upon the spiritualist, how they want themselves to be considered.

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