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Spiritual Awakening: Freedom Of The Soul

Spiritual Awakening: Freedom Of The Soul

Spiritual awakening is when we begin to question our habits, routine, and source of happiness. Spiritual awakening occurs at a time when a person expects it the least. One may have seen people around them who have suddenly chosen the path of spiritualism.

Spiritual awakening can be a sudden change that one may feel especially during his lowest point. We have often heard about successful businessmen who gave up their entire empire and chose to walk on the path of God. This happens when a person starts questioning his life and its worth. When one experiences a spiritual awakening, he/she starts searching for God and the purpose of one’s life.

Spiritual Awakening: Freedom Of The Soul

Spiritual Awakening: Questions The Purpose Of One’s Life

We often look for the meaning of our lives. We often ask ourselves the purpose of our life and why are we here. There is always more to life, but our set routine makes us ignore that. We always immerse our whole life in looking after our family or working towards bettering our social statutes or money.

However, everything has a saturation point, and you start feeling the need to break the monotony. Spiritual awakening triggers the deepest questions that we often neglect as we are too busy living a shallow life.

Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

A person experiences many physical and emotional symptoms that suggest spiritual awakening. This can be uncomfortable and can cause restlessness at first, but people feel at peace after they have accepted the change. Some of the most symptoms are:

  • You start finding your life meaningless: Everything you do or did become obsolete. One has to drag himself out of the bed to go to work.
  • You question everything you do: You start finding your life meaningless. One can’t tolerate the same cycle of earning and spending every month.
  • You lose interest in relations, money, and social status: You enjoy staying alone more than in company. One speaks less, and you like to stay at home. People who have an extreme condition of spiritual awakening leave their homes and start living at ashrams as disciples.
  • You see money can’t buy happiness or inner peace: You start missing the enthusiasm with which you ones worked to earn money.
  • You see how unhappy people are: You start looking at how unhappy people are in what they are doing. When you see them unhappy even after working so hard, you start questioning the purpose of your existence.
  • You start enjoying worshipping and reading about spirituality: You lose interest in your life and enjoy the company of saints or preachers. One enjoys reading spiritual books and attend sessions about spirituality.
  • You find interest in social work: You feel like giving back to society. You feel deep empathy and compassion towards the poor. One starts living a simple life.
Spiritual Awakening: Freedom Of The Soul
Spiritual Awakening: Freedom Of The Soul


One might feel awakened spiritually, but one doesn’t have to abandon his current life and go live in the woods. A balance can be maintained by living both the life you live and the life you want. A person can’t abandon his folks just because he had an awakening. Striking a balance between the two worlds is very important.

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