Self-Regulation For The Modern Day Mystic

Self-Regulation For The Modern Day Mystic

In recent days, stress and exhaustion have become an inherent characteristic for most people. The old saying that if you work hard, you taste success is now blasphemy. Despite being a hard worker, you feel like a loser. With the increasing need for self-help, you hear the term self-care but not self-regulation. 

What Is Self-Regulation?

  • The term self-care is very well-known. But what is this self-regulation? So, the term self-regulation is the ability, knowledge, and skill to deal with our inner emotions. 
  • Self-regulation helps you balance your inner self and attain homeostasis. Here, you have a particular ability to care and trust your people. It also enables you to combat your worst challenges and untangle complexes.
  • Self-regulation varies from one individual to another. When you feel stressed or burnt-out, it’s an indication that you need self-regulation. 
  • It empowers you and helps you develop a sense of homeostasis. Through the process of self-regulation, you can build your habits and skills. 
Self-Regulation For The Modern Day Mystic
Self-Regulation For The Modern Day Mystic

How Do You Develop The Needed Capacity For Self-Regulation?

  • Self- regulation depends on your needs. And then it takes either a physical form or an internal form of activity.
  • This process gets support from self-awareness. And this takes place when you track the sensations of the body. And these sensations indicate a feeling of comfort or uneasiness.
  • When in any pain or stress, our bodies develop a physiological activation. This activity leads to the activation of defense mechanisms and protection mode.
  • Otherwise,  we are all relaxed and happy. Our bodies move towards nourishment or pleasure or connection.

Pay attention To Your Bodies:

  • Firstly remember to pay attention to your own body. They send subtle cues that you need to grasp. These cues help you to grow and take care of yourself.
  • The best method is tracking your body’s movement- the contraction and expansion. When in a state of contraction, you grasp and cling onto the negativities. Here, you also tend to feel disconnected from yourself as well as the truth.
  • While on the other hand, the state of expansion makes you feel safe, regulated and connected. 
  • Self-regulation forms a connection with yourself. It gives you a safe and healthy platform and connects you with the real-world.
Self-Regulation For The Modern Day Mystic
Self-Regulation For The Modern Day Mystic

Self-Regulation- A Pathway Of Empowerment:

  • Through the modern-day mystic, you become empowered to trust yourself. Here, you cultivate the habit to attain self-awareness.
  • The best way to initiate self-regulation is to form a connection with yourself. Secondly, pay attention to your breathing mechanism.
  • All you need to do is take slow breaths. This process establishes a breathing pattern and keeps you connected to your body.
  • Also, physical movement helps you in attaining self-care. When you make physical contact, you listen to your body’s way of communication. This physical movement takes place through dance, gymnastics, jumping, etc. 
  • Then, you go on to establish a relationship with your emotions. This relationship helps you to orient your feelings and not ignore and suppress them.
  • Did you know that this self-regulation is the highest bid of self- care and self-love? You become more skillful in directing your experience. You learn to care, nurture, and love yourself eventually.
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