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Samadhi: Final Step To The Eight Fold Path

Samadhi: Final Step To The Eight Fold Path

Samadhi is a state of mind wherein a person’s deep concentration on breath and body, leading to healing of his life karmas. It is the final step of the eight chakra meditation. Samadhi is a Sanskrit word and is a state where the yogis stay meditative conscious. In simple terms, it is a deep state of trance attained after years of meditation.

Samadhi: Final Step To The Eight Fold Path
Samadhi: Final Step To The Eight Fold Path

How Do You Attain Samadhi?

Samadhi is a state of meditation where the practitioner is completely absorbed in the object of meditation. Moreover, it is the union of the practitioner and God. It takes years of practice and also controls one’s body to attain Samadhi. Practitioner commands his body and aligns his shoulders, head, and even neck in one line to attain this ultimate form of meditation. It is believed that one who achieves this state has liberated himself from all his life karmas.

Consciousness In Samadhi

The practitioner is no longer an individual. The practitioner is no longer a son, father, brother, etc. All his previous titles dissolve by the time he reaches this state. However, he continues to be self-aware and conscious, but his soul is with the supreme almighty all the time. The person doesn’t have any physical or mental consciousness; all he has is spiritual consciousness.

For an outsider, it is hard to notice if someone is in Samadhi. You wouldn’t find anything different as you would think that the person is either meditating or is asleep or unconsciousness. A person who is in Samadhi may not feel any physical sensation.

Two Types Of Samadhi

Samadhi is the eight and the last path of meditation described by Patanjali. However, even the last path is further divided into two sub-categories or types:


It is a state of conditional oneness. The practitioner feels his soul merging with the almighty. It is that extreme level of dhyan where the person yet conscious still feels that he has connected to God. The person in this stage can return to full consciousness and be delusional and think that he has access to the infinite power.

Samadhi: Final Step To The Eight Fold Path
Samadhi: Final Step To The Eight Fold Path


This is the ultimate state of Samadhi, and the person who achieves this feels his soul can now unite with God. The practitioner leaves his ego and attachments to the world. With meditating every day, any person can entertain all the benefits of it. The meditating soul keeps God as an object of meditation at all times. In this stage, the soul becomes an ultimate spirit.


Samadhi is a state in which the soul connects with God and takes the identity of the spirit. It is free from the shackles of a human body and can easily leave the world. It is an experience of divine ecstasy. Yogis or practitioners experience mystic marriage with God. Their soul unites with God and becomes one. The power of meditation and the oneness with God offers so much of regard to the practitioners of meditation.

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