Classic Crystal Glass Candle Holders

$18.98 $10.10

Europe-styled, handmade candle holders
Made with quality crystal glass material
8 cm in diameter for the whole crystal; 2.8 to 3 cm in diameter for the tealight candle holder
Use a tea light candle
Perfect decoration ideas in weddings, or even on your own home
Get 1 candle holder per orde


Classic Crystal Glass Candle Holders

Thousands of candles can be lit by a single candle, so light your environment up with candles on top of these Classic Crystal Glass Candle Holders. We assure you that it’s made with high-quality because it’s handcrafted. These Europe-styled crystal glasses can be a good candle decoration on occasions like weddings, parties, or even just a decoration for your home. Grab one of these classic-styled glass candle holders now!

Calm Candles = Calm Soul

Research already proved that candles soothe us which is why it’s used on spas, cafes, or other relaxing places. Candle’s flame is specifically the one that’s responsible for the calming feel that candles bring. How? Do you know how a warm-colored computer screen relaxes your eyes? The same effect is what candlelights bring. A more relaxed feeling means a more pleasant personality which is why you can also pair up these glass candle holders with scented candles to put a relaxing scent and sight in the house.

High-Quality Candle Holders

When you work on something, you’re proud of it, right? This is how we feel with these Classic Crystal Glass Candle Holders. These candleholders are all hand-made and used with crystal glass materials to ensure quality. To give you an estimate on how small it is, the diameter is about 8cm, and the tealight candle holder is about 2.8 to 3 cm. You can put this on any part of the house. Use this while bathing, meditating, or on the dining table while having dinner to add a relaxing feel. These are widely used for decorating occasional parties as well, especially at weddings.

For decorating, it is suggested to have 4 of these candle holders grouped together. You can also separate them by surrounding the place you want to decorate. Those are some of the suggestions but it still depends on how you want your place to look with these Classic Crystal Glass Candle Holders.


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