Pranayama: A Way Of Life

Pranayama: A Way Of Life

In Pranayama, the whole energy comes through breathing. The word “pra” means first. “Na” means a unit of energy. The word prana means ‘many’ when many energies together bring life to the planet. Yama means to create expansion with awareness. It is necessary to be in balance with the universe. When the body gets prepared with the asanas and postures, then the body is ready for Pranayama.

Pranayama: A Way Of Life
Pranayama: A Way Of Life

One Receives Prana Through Four Sources

  • Through breathing
  • Food which we intake
  • Through the company in which we are that is our friends, place of work, family basically environment we live in.
  • Connecting to the higher self through writing, through singing, dancing, chanting hymns anything that connects us with the higher self.

All this, when combined, makes Pranayama. It is more of spiritual practice rather than only exercise

Five Yamas Are

  • Ahimsa is not harming others
  • Speaking the truth always also known as Satya
  • Asteya means never stealing anything from others
  • Brahmacharya means not getting into any relationship with anyone that is no marriage, no sex.
  • A state where one does not possesses anything. Everything is given by the almighty this state  is called as Aparigraha

Four Stages Of Pranayama

  • The first stage is Arambha Avastha- It is attained only when an individual has performed channelizing all the energies in the body and purified the body on the whole. It is also known as  Nadi-Sudhi, which means breathing through alternate nostrils.
  • The second stage is Ghata Avastha- in this stage, the practitioner gains powers and learns to conquer his breath for a long time.
  • The third stage is the Parichaya is said to be a higher level of non-materialistic things.
  • The fourth stage is reaching a stage of ‘keval khumbhaka.’ It means a yogi can easily hold his breath for a longer period. He can live without food and water and without breathing. He can breathe as per his will.
Pranayama: A Way Of Life
Pranayama: A Way Of Life

Benefits Of Practicing Pranayama

  1. Pranayama helps in proper breathing, that means it teaches one to breathe in the correct way.
  2. It helps in better circulation of blood in the body through correct breathing.
  3. Pranayama helps in relaxing your mind..
  4. It helps the mind to be stress-free.
  5. Pranayama helps to cure many diseases like asthma, and migraine, depression controls blood pressure.
  6. It improves the functioning of the stomach, improves gastric problems.
  7. Pranayam helps to think positive and builds confidence.
  8. Helps to cure reproductive problems.
  9. It helps the body to get rid of negative thoughts and help to be happy with life.
  10. It helps to reduce any heart disease and prevents the heart from attacks and strokes.


Regular practice of Pranayam every day can make every individual live happily. He\she can live a stress-free life with no diseases. Pranayam helps to channelize positive energy in the body and removes negative energy. It energizes the body and mind through deep breathing. Through regular practice of pranayama, one leans to be positive in any situation. It helps to purify the body and mind on the whole. It helps an individual to live a happy life.

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