Movement Meditation: An Easy Guide For Beginners

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Anxiety and stress have become a part of the busy modern life. With each passing day, we are getting more entangled with new challenges, both physically and mentally. The increasing stress level inevitably brings different ailments like headache, indigestion, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and sometimes even worse diseases. Movement meditation is a natural and effective solution to it.

So, let us know about it in detail.

Movement Meditation: An Easy Guide For Beginners
Movement Meditation: An Easy Guide For Beginners

What Do You Know About Movement Meditation?

Earlier, contemplation was usually for the sages. Now the circumstance is totally diverse. More and more people are starting meditation every day to maintain an overall balance in life. It is found that it has many positive impacts. Daily practicing recharges our mind with mindfulness, joy, and life force.

It is a method of a holistic lifestyle that combines eastern and western culture. It is a form where body parts are moved slowly, for instance, from a sitting position slowly transiting to the cat position. Be conscious of where your body parts are at that moment. Move those parts that are tensed. If you apply mindfulness, you can meditate on any movement you are performing.

You can stretch your hands and move them like a flying bird. Try to sense the body parts involved. You can visualize some imagery incidents like you are dancing with flowers. It involves breathing rhythmically and also other slow and graceful movements. Allow your mind to flow with the actions.

Movement Meditation: An Easy Guide For Beginners
Movement Meditation: An Easy Guide For Beginners

Some Easy Tips How You Can Start Movement Meditation

Breathe To Guide The Movement

While inhaling take into the pose. On exhale, settle at a deeper level. Keep on breathing slowly and steadily; the mind will follow that.

Move To Bring Your Mind Into The Present Moment

If you are jogging, let the sound of your foot hitting the ground draw your attention. Create consciousness about your thoughts, and you will begin to visualize them. Yes, the feelings.

Choose The Comfortable Poses

Choose the poses that you are comfortable with. You can do some easy yoga poses as a beginner. Various sitting positions are brilliant ways to achieve the stillness of mind. Apart from that, there are other ways too.

For Whom It Is Suitable?

It is ideally performed when you feel energetic. Some people are so restless that they cannot sit still for a few moments. It is the process they can get into.

In some monasteries, spiritual centers or retreats, both the moving and sitting meditation are performed alternatively. It is beneficial in two ways. You can sweat out, which keeps you fit at the physical level and give off the negative energy that keeps your mind calm and happy.

General Guidelines Of Movement Meditation

Be attentive about the muscles in motion and feel the contacts with other objects or the ground. You should sense the flow of energy. Concentrate on breathing. Let them move freely rather than setting a goal. Notice those parts which you tend to ignore most. When the body moves in its way, feel the effortlessness and gentleness. Allow the vigor to drive you. Feel the innate power within you.

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