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Mindfulness Meditation – The Guided Meditation

You may have experienced the benefits of guided meditation, but have you experienced guided mindfulness meditation? What’s the difference between the two?

Own Meditative

Meditation or any other form of self-awareness is a personal journey. You can never be sure of your own meditative state unless you engage in it with others. The only way to be sure that you are being guided in a way that is conducive to self-awareness is through mindfulness meditation.

If you’ve tried meditation with another person before, the experience might leave you feeling uninterested. Many people simply want to be left alone to think, to “relax,” or they want to escape. Others, however, would rather engage in a meditation that involves open-ended questions about themselves. They want a meditation that allows them to be connected to their thoughts and feelings in a deeper way.

Mindfulness Meditation - The Guided Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation – The Guided Meditation

Mindfulness meditation allows you to pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings, and your body. It does not allow you to believe or feel. You are able to pay attention to all aspects of your being as you have been taught to do in traditional meditation. However, mindfulness meditation doesn’t stop there, either.

Types Of Meditation

There are many different types of meditation, each one focusing on a different aspect of your being. You are able to focus on the breath or on focusing on thoughts or on becoming calm. While you might focus on being in a quiet room with a gentle sound or on being near a waterfall, mindfulness meditation allows you to continue paying attention to yourself, your thoughts, and your body. The practice is a non-judgmental one, one that is founded in love and empathy for yourself and others.

There are many ways to learn how to meditate. One of the more popular ways is to simply read about and take an online meditation course. Some include audio tracks and videos that help you learn the basics. Other forms of meditation focus on the basics with guidance, while other forms are guided, interactive, and offer the chance to participate in group sessions.

A common and easy way to experience guided mindfulness meditation is to use a recording. With the help of an MP3 player, you are able to listen to someone meditating. The sounds they make will help you pay attention to your own thoughts. You are able to ask questions during the session about what the person is thinking, feeling, and even doing. You can become one with the audio stream and pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings.

Ways To Listen To Guided Mindfulness Meditation

There are two ways to listen to guided mindfulness meditation. You can listen on your own or you can choose to receive a guided mediation CD from a meditation teacher. You can also purchase books on guided mindfulness meditation that you can listen to when you’re sitting alone in your home.

There are many people who have found a way to be guided in their own practices. This is especially true in situations where they don’t have anyone to meditate with or where there isn’t a large enough space to be able to meditate.

Mindfulness Meditation

Moreover, more people are trying guided mindfulness meditation. People are able to train themselves in this way, and people who find it difficult to connect with themselves in other ways are finding it easier to enter into this practice. In fact, some say that they can begin to see results within a matter of days.

Self-aware meditation has a lot to offer and guided mindfulness meditation offers more. If you are going to be using a CD to learn the techniques, make sure that it includes tips that address your beliefs about self and others. When you are guided in a guided meditation session, be sure that you have an opportunity to ask questions.

Mindfulness Meditation - The Guided Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation – The Guided Meditation

Take the time to learn more about guided meditation and how to get started. It can be very beneficial, and it might just change your life. Don’t miss out on the benefits.

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