Meditation Vs. Hypnosis: Similarities And Differences


In this article, we will be to a decision on meditation Vs. hypnosis, which one is better? What are the similarities and dissimilarities?

Meditation Vs. Hypnosis: Similarities And Differences
Meditation Vs. Hypnosis: Similarities And Differences

Let’s Compare The Benefits Of Meditation And Hypnosis

The human mind generates 50,000 thoughts per day on average. Hypnosis is neither going to quiet down these, nor turning your ever-agitated “monkey-mind” to a calm “ox-mind.” It is not capable of achieving inner peace and also detachment from the thoughts. But the meditation will be a great help to find the ocean of happiness that resides within you and to observe the power of detachment.

Hypnosis will not be able to awaken your powerful insights and also influence others’ thought processes. However, meditation will make you the master of the dream cycle.

You will obtain a state of flow and also attract abundance. You will find out your best self by practicing it regularly. The world’s spiritual leaders achieved the highest state of consciousness with the grace of meditation. But, hypnosis is not that powerful.

Meditation will make you a better person every day, physically and mentally. It is there from the beginning of mankind and will stay forever to bless us with its endless benefits. Hypnosis is a recent invention. You can compare it with the latest gadget. But meditation has no competition. It is a blessing for the entire mankind to elevate ourselves to the best level.

Endorsements Of Meditation Vs. Hypnosis

If you have got the golden opportunity to analyze the brains of some of the most successful people worldwide from the diverse domain, how thrilling experience will that be? What common feature will you uncover? The best -selling author Tim Ferris studied on the psyche some of the successful personalities that include CEOs, martial arts, bloggers, Hollywood actors, authors, famous media personalities, top military officers, gold medalists in Olympic.

Surprisingly, he observed that 90% of these top-rated folks have a daily practice of meditation.

Many famous personalities claim the secret behind their huge success is the power of meditation. The renowned motivational speaker Tonny Robins also claims that meditation has brought a radical change in his life. Ray Dalio, one of the wealthiest persons and also the successful investor, credits meditation for all his success. There are numerous examples, Arnauld Swargenegaer the world-famous martial artist and also Hollywood actor, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple – all appreciates the power of meditation.

Many schools, companies are arranging for a meditation session to release the stress and to stay positive and motivated always.

Does hypnosis is so powerful? Nope.

Meditation Vs. Hypnosis: Similarities And Differences
Meditation Vs. Hypnosis: Similarities And Differences

Drawbacks Of Hypnosis

A single session of hypnosis costs around $150, which is pretty high.

There’s no quick fix to bring any changes in your behavior. You cannot tell how many sessions will be required if you want to quit smoking. Besides, you will not see the results overnight.

Let’s say a minimum of 5 sessions is necessary to bring the positive change with $150 per session. And this excludes any follow-up session. Now calculate. So, this is not for the masses.

On the contrary, you can meditate whenever you like, provided you are away from the noisy area. The more you practice, you will go more in-depth. It will also cost you zero.