Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits - Features And Procedure Involved

Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits

Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits

Both the mind and the body of the kids remain tired these days. The pressure of studies both at school ad home, different activities make them exhausted. They lack both energy and carefulness. The only solution is meditation. Though it does not come with any rules, some tips can be of immense help.

Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits
Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits

Meditation For Kids – Tips

  • Both the frequency and the length of meditation vary according to age. According to the pediatrician, the children of preschool can meditate for a few minutes every day while the children of grade school can do it for 3 minutes to 10 minutes regularly.
  • It is better if your kids do some deep breathing methods before going to sleep. These will help him or her in sleeping correctly, and they can do meditation easily.
  • If your kids are starting with mediation, it is wise to employ a skilled trainer so that he or she can guide you as well as your kid better.
  • You can learn about children mediation techniques along with other useful things from books, videos, different websites, and online training. But before finalizing one for your bundle of joy, always check whether it is suitable for him or her or not. It is always sensible to consult with your pediatrician before opting for any particular method.

Types Of Mediation That Kids Can Practice

Mindfulness –

Vipassana is one of the most popular mediation methods that help both kids and adults in increasing their mindfulness.

Mediation Based On Different Movements –

Is your kid very naughty? He or she does not want to meditate by seating in one place? Then you can opt for the meditation techniques that depend on different movements. For example, yoga, Qi gong or tai chi, and Sufi dancing are movement-based mediation perfect for kids.

Mediation Based On Concentration On Any Word Or image Or Thought

Mantra repetition, relaxation response, transcendental meditation are some of the techniques that are based on the concentration power of the performer. These methods help the kids in increasing their concentration. Kids can also do meditation based on breath.

You should keep in mind that at the commencement of mediation, do not force your child to do something that he or she doesn’t like. They are just kids, and sitting for a long time can be very challenging for them. Thus, it is better if you start by yoga or other meditation techniques that are based on movements. Gradually, you can introduce them to other methods.

Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits
Meditation For Kids: Tips And Benefits

Meditation For Kids – Benefits

From calming both body and mind to increasing concentration, meditation has many advantages. Thus, many schools are incorporating it in the curriculum for the students. Research has shown that by meditating on a regular basis, both attention and behavior of kids have improved a lot.

If your kid has an eating disorder or sleeping disorder, mediation can help him or her to a large extent in solving this issue. Children with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can improve a lot by practicing meditation daily.

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