Main Teachings Of Buddhism

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Buddhism is one of the most followed religion all over the world. Buddhism is all about the teaching of Siddharth Gautam (Buddha). He was born in Lumbini. After a few years, he left his home and also all the luxury. Gautam attained enlightenment(bodhi) in Bodh Gaya under a pipal tree.

He died in his 80s in Kushinagar(UP). Buddha gave his first speech in Sarnath. People came to know this event as ‘Dharm chakra Parivartan.’ Moreover, this religion practices started around the mid-sixth century. It started spreading from India to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, China and also Japan. There is no god in Buddhism.

Main Teachings Of Buddhism

Main Teachings Of Buddhism Revolves Around Two Concepts:

  1. Four noble truth
  • ‘Dukkha'(suffering) is the nature of the world.
  • Every Dukkha has some reason behind it.
  • Dukkha can end.
  • People can eliminate it by following the Eightfold path.

2. Eightfold path- it consists of some practices related to knowledge, meditation, etc.

  • Right speech
  • Action
  • Right view
  • Livelihood
  • Right intention
  • Efforts
  • Right concentration
  • Right mindfulness.

Buddhist Text

Teachings Of Buddhism
Main Teachings Of Buddhism

Initially, Buddha taught orally to his followers. There were a group of people, called Sangas, who use to follow him. They use to recite Buddha’s teaching during the festive season. Moreover, in the first council held in the fourth century, preachers decided to note down Buddha’s teaching. They wrote three pitakas gradually:

  1. Vinaya Pitaka- It is a rule book which consists of a way of life followed by monks and nuns.
  2. Sutta Pitaka- It consists of the main teaching of Buddha, that is, Dhamma.
  3. Abhidhamma Pitaka- It consists of the analysis done by monks on the teaching of Buddha.

Buddhist Council

Four councils are:

  • The first council – People held it after the death of Buddha. They conducted it in Rajgriha. Moreover, the purpose was to preserve the teaching of Buddha. In this council only, counselors decided to divide the teaching of Buddha into Three Pitakas.
  • The second council- People held it in Vaishali under King Kalasoka in 383 BC.
  • The third council- They held this in Pataliputra under Ashoka in 250 BC.
  • The fourth council- People held it in Kashmir under King Kanishk of Kushan Empire. In this council, Buddhism got divided into Mahayana and also Hinayana sect.

Schools Of Buddhism

  1. Mahayana- It originated in Kashmir. They believe in idol worship.
  2. Hinayana- It believes in the original text of Buddha. It doesn’t believe in idol worship. It insists on attaining salvation by following self-disciplined life and through meditation.
  3. Theravada- It is also very similar to the original Buddhism. Worshipers developed it in Sri Lanka and then started spreading to the rest of the world.
  4. Vajrayana-it is also known as Tantric Buddhism. It consists of obscure elements and very complex sets of rules.


Buddhism’s concept of ahimsa is cherished all over the world. It has also contributed to developing art and culture in the world. The masterpieces of Stupas have attracted many tourists. It gave the concept of residential universities and encouraged education. Following Buddhism helps to attain enlightenment; therefore, one must follow it for a better life.

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