Easy Beginner Meditation: 3 Simple Techniques to Practice at Home

Easy Beginner Meditation

Breathe deeply and use both your chest and head for support. Focus on the center of your chest and become consciously aware of the rising and falling of your chest with every breath. Do not force your breath, just let it come naturally.

If your mind wanders (it will), just gently bring it back to your intention and stay with that for as long as you can. When your thoughts come to mind with no clear purpose, stop, just breathe in and out a few times in a row.

When you are ready to move on to more advanced meditation, start with beginner meditation and then branch off into more advanced forms of meditation such as Vipassana meditation, which is considered to be the most powerful meditation in the world. It has been described as the ultimate goal in meditation.

Start This Way

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The easiest way to start this meditation is by just focusing on a certain point in your chest or head. When you have reached that point, you can focus all your attention on the area until you have completely focused your mind on that area.

Next, slowly exhale and bring your attention to the area that was focused on earlier. Repeat this exercise several times. Once you have repeated this process about five times, you are ready to move on to more advanced levels of meditation.

For beginners, it is the easiest way to get into a meditative state and clear your mind from all thoughts and distractions. Beginner’s level meditation does not take as much concentration practice as more difficult levels of meditation such as Vipassana meditation or Tantra meditation.

All About Tantra Meditation

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Tantra meditation is a highly difficult meditation and there is much more to it than simply breathing deeply and focusing on a single point in your chest. You will need to learn the correct techniques, the right postures, and the correct breathing for Tantra meditation.

Tantra meditation takes practice and is a very serious form of meditation and is often considered a religious form of meditation. It can even take years to master.

Tantra meditation is not for everyone, but if you want to give it a try there are many resources available to help you get started. If you decide to pursue this meditation further, you will likely want to study a spiritual guide book or watch a video to become a more advanced practitioner of this form of meditation.

Easy beginner meditation can be practiced on your own at home, as a hobby, or as a way to keep your mind busy. It is important to keep a positive attitude toward meditation and to stay centered and peaceful during your practice sessions.

Bring Awareness

Practicing meditation regularly will help you become aware of your thoughts and actions as they occur, allowing you to meditate at ease in your daily life. Meditation is not a “set and forget” activity, but it is a lifelong practice that requires repetition to achieve optimal results.

These basic tools will help you master the art of meditation and can help you meditate at your leisure, wherever you may be. These tools include candles, incense, aromatherapy, meditation bags, music, relaxing music, mirrors, water and more. There are many other tools that can be used depending on the level of your meditation practice.


Practice these tools for several months, if not years, and then you will be able to meditate like a pro without a lot of extra preparation. When you feel ready, you can move on to more advanced levels of meditation. Whether you decide to continue with Tantra meditation or move on to more advanced levels of meditation, remember that easy beginner meditation is not hard to learn, but requires dedication, patience and practice.

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