Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation

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Develop your body and mind, Chakra meditation combines all the energy centers of the body. The combined energy enhances the productivity of the person. Moreover, there are seven energy centers within our bodies. However, we often fail to notice their existence. But in reality, they exist; just we don’t give enough attention. However, the gut feeling you feel, when something abnormal happens, is also a reflex of the chakra.

Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation
Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation

With proper guidance and practice, one can easily channelize their energy. In this article, the seven chakras, along with their benefits, are.

Crown chakra meditation: Develop your body and mind

The head signifies leadership. And leadership does not come without knowledge and wisdom. However, the sense of a particular person depends on the crown chakra. Moreover, if you are making weak decisions, then try this crown chakra meditation.

  • Location: top of the head
  • Color: violet
  • Benefits: provides confidence to lead work and authority.
  • Third eye chakra meditation

Wow, he is so intelligent. Often we hear such comments, right? But do you know why? Moreover, because of this third eye chakra, the intelligence varies depending on the strength of the chakra. However, if you are not a fast decision taker, then you need to try this third eye chakra meditation

  • Location: on the forehead in between the two eyes
  • Color: indigo
  • Benefits: enhances the thinking ability.
  • Throat chakra meditation
Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation
Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation

Ever thought of a creative person? How are they so creative? Moreover, their throat chakra is very active. However, that is why they come up with such ideas.

  • Location: Bottom of the throat
  • Color: blue
  • Benefits: increases the creative productivity of an individual.
  • Heart chakra meditation

In a practical lifestyle, love is not spiritual anymore. However, this is not true. The heart chakra decides the compassion level of a person. The stronger your heart chakra, the more open-minded you will be.

  • Location: in the middle of the heart/chest
  • Color: green
  • Benefits: this chakra builds up the ability to handle emotional matters.
  • Solar plexus chakra meditation

This navel chakra is all about boosting your confidence.

  • Location: in the stomach
  • Color: yellow
  • Benefits: practicing this chakra will control your self-esteem.
  • Sacral chakra meditation

This chakra controls our feelings and instincts. Depending on the closed or open status, human behavior varies.

Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation
Develop Your Body And Mind With Chakra Meditation


  • Location: below the navel
  • Color: orange
  • Benefit: practicing this chakra meditation will help you to control your feelings.
  • Root chakra meditation

The root chakra meditation balances the body and soul. However, there are times when we feel uncomfortable. The chakra in our spine provides energy.

  • Location: Bottom of the spine
  • Color: red
  • Benefit: The energy makes us feel comfortable in our skin.

Color plays a vital role in handling energy. However, while doing a particular chakra, you can think of the given color. This chakra influences the result of chakra meditation. However, start working on these seven chakras and develop good characters.

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