Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment - Achieving Higher

Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment

Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment

How Will You Describe Buddhism?

Buddhism is a practice for spiritual development which leads us to the insight into the beauty of our inner-self, a path to achieve the ultimate Enlightenment or Buddhabod.

Meditation is the way to find a world of happiness within us. We can develop some of the excellent human qualities like awareness, mindfulness, and compassion by practicing meditation daily.

Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment
Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment

It Is All About Lord Buddha, The Founder Of Buddhism

The word Buddha means ‘one who is awake.’ He was born as Siddhartha Goutam about 2500 years ago into a royal family of Nepal. He was the prince of a small kingdom in the Indo-Nepal border. In spite of belonging to a well to do family, he was eager to know the hard facts of life, that is old age, sickness, and death. And one night, he left all the alluring comfort, riches, and secured shelter and set out to seek the truth of life.

Teachings Of Buddha

After the Enlightenment, he realized every human has immense potentiality within. But they don’t know how to bring it in the light. His motto was to enable them to uncover the hidden power. So, he decided to teach, with a vision to push them towards Enlightenment. It tells us about making changes in life for betterment.

The three principles of Buddhism are known as ‘Three jewels’ or ‘Three treasures.’ They are Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. This principle is to be followed to become a real Buddhist.

Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment
Buddhism: Way To Achieve Ultimate Enlightenment

Aim Of Meditation According To Buddha

Practicing meditation with dedication will enable you to change the state of mind. It is the real antidote of sadness, jealousy, rivalry, frustration, hatred. You will realize that joy and happiness do not depend on the amount of wealth and fame you acquire. It has nothing to do with the outer world. Rather you have all the happiness and peace within you. You just don’t recognize it.

Meditation is a tool to transform your mind. You will develop concentration, clarity of mind, and positivity through practicing it. You will learn to cultivate positive ways of being. Your mind will become calm and energized. You will respond even to the adverse situation positively. You will not lose patience and remain in a state of profound tranquility.

These beautiful experiences will transform your mind, and you will discover a new and happier you.

Buddhist Ethics

Our behavior and action can do favor or harm to others. Buddhist ethics teaches us to behave or act humbly so that it does not cause any harm to others.


Lord Buddha told his disciples that they should come and meet together frequently and in large numbers. Hence, Festivals are the core of these spiritual centers. They provide an opportunity to celebrate and convey gratitude to Buddha through it. The Buddha day, the day Buddha achieved Enlightenment is the main festival among the Buddhists.

Buddhism is not a religion now; rather, it is a holistic lifestyle that leads us to complete fulfillment.

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