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Beginners Meditation Guide To Heal Anxiety

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Since meditation can cure a lot of diseases as it keeps you calm and composed with decreased stress in life. A lot of people opt for meditation when they feel anxious. We all try to be there by breathing in and out when nervous or angry. Only the person who has experienced the grip of anxiety can understand how serious it is. Meditation will help you get out of it before you have a deal with more damage. This beginners meditation guide will help you understand you can heal anxiety with meditation. 

Everybody experiences anxiety, the butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms are so common feelings. There are few other sensations like heart palpitation, headaches, shortening of breathing, upset stomach, or nausea. These are all very common and we all have been there. But it not compulsory to experience the natural adrenaline pumping, we can also stay composed when a sudden incident takes place. And, that stillness, peace in mind can be achieved with meditation. Acupressure and wellness have good rapport and they are beneficial for your body.

How To Deal With Anxiety?

To deal with anxiety or someone experiencing anxiety, you have to understand the definition and the difference. Our body reacts to situations, like the moments before going up to the stage for a speech, the moments before your first interview, or facing your fears. That is when you feel anxious in a crowded place, or standing at a height. Our adrenaline glands start to flare up in such situations, and that is natural.

Benefits Of Beginners Meditation Guide
Benefits Of Beginners Meditation Guide

But sometimes these fears start to build up inside you, you talk less about and think about it all the time. In generalized anxiety disorder you get stuck in anxiety and the doom, it consumes you and your mind. This is the reason you should develop the habit of meditation before anxiety becomes a disorder. 

Beginners Meditation Guide For Anxiety

In the process of meditation, you learn to extract yourself from your thought and focus on real things. When you understand anxiety, you get one step closer to cure it. In meditation, you get to know the thoughts that make us anxious and then you learn to face them. In this way we learn two things, one is that thoughts are not real, second is they don’t control us. So, the beginner’s meditation guide for anxiety is not very different from normal mediation. Meditation helps to counter-attack the stress, with a relaxation response. Therefore, the chances of high blood pressure or low blood pressure become very low. The magical response that mediation creates in your brain is also seen in MRI reports. Include chanting mantra during your meditation session, this will help you flow into it and stick to it. 

Benefits Of Beginners Meditation Guide To Know
Benefits Of Beginners Meditation Guide To Know


You must meditate 15-20 minutes in the morning and the evening or before bed. Don’t compare yourself or push yourself towards the progression chain. This will hinder the practice and you will experience the benefits of it. You will notice the benefits gradually in your body. 

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