Beginners Guide On How To Meditate


For physical fitness, some workout or sports is practiced. Just like that, for the sake of mental health and peace, meditation is required. And the challenge that most beginners face is how to meditate. Meditation is the exercise of the mind to attain awareness and peace.

Furthermore, it also increases the consciousness and concentration of the mind. The first step for learning how to meditate requires a calm and empty mind. So, the best way to start is by focusing on breathing. Because it increases the power of concentration, therefore, by acquiring how to meditate, a person can embark on a spiritual journey.

Beginners Guide On How To Meditate
Beginners Guide On How To Meditate

When To Meditate?

For maximum benefits, people must meditate regularly. But fixing the time is equally important like the question ‘how to meditate?’. As for beginners, taking some deep and slow breaths is enough. And this practice can be performed at any time of the day in stressful situations. The first thing in the morning should be to meditate. Because it gives a positive and peaceful start to the day.

Another session of meditation can be performed during the lunch break. As this helps in de-stressing the mind and makes the person more productive. Late in the evening is also suitable for meditation. As it makes the mind devoid of any work-related burden. But there is also a time when meditation should be avoided. Meditation right before sleeping is not advisable. Since there is a difference between meditation and preparation for sleep. Apart from that, it is also not impactful at the time of sleeping.

How To Meditate At Home?

Beginners Guide On How To Meditate
Beginners Guide On How To Meditate

Meditation is performed either by laying on the floor or sitting. And if required, a meditation cushion or chair is used. After that, close the eyes. The person should breathe normally with slow and deep breaths. Just focus on inhaling and exhaling naturally.

But breathing rate should not be controlled in any way. Direct all of the concentration to the way your body is moving. Observe the movement of the chest, ribs, and abdomen during breathing. Therefore, this way ‘how to meditate’ would not be a scary task anymore.

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has dual benefits. As it not only helps in mental peace but also give many physical advantages also. Meditation gives freedom from many negative emotions and thoughts. Therefore, the person is free from selfishness, anger, jealousy, and desires.

Apart from that, there are numerous physical benefits also. Meditation directly influences the blood vascular system. It also helps the person to feel stress-free and energetic. So, regular practice of meditation is helpful in the overall wellbeing of the body.


As beginners, it might be scary to know how to meditate. But once a person makes it a daily routine, the journey becomes comfortable with time. The best part about meditation is that it can be performed at any time and any place.

Keeping the mind free of thoughts is difficult in the starting. So the best way is to focus on the breaths. And these simple changes in life give long-term results. Meditation also makes a person more efficient and productive physically. Furthermore, the level of awareness and creativity also increases.