Anusara Meditation - Becomes More In Tune With Us -

Anusara Meditation – Becomes More In Tune With Us

An Anusara Meditation course is designed to deepen meditation. The objective of the course is to make a deeper connection between mind and body. Thereby expanding your reach for healing. The courses aim to bring awareness, insight, and the discovery of natural laws into everyday life, bringing results.


Clarity is important to meditation. The training to use specific deep breathing techniques, to learn new thoughts, and to see things from a new perspective, enable the student to be more aware of what’s going on around them. In the process, they learn how to connect with themselves, others, and the universal consciousness. Awareness comes from knowing how you feel and can be further enhanced through the use of such meditations as walking meditation, and deep relaxation.

Anusara Meditation - Becomes More In Tune With Us
Anusara Meditation – Becomes More In Tune With Us

So, why should we want to know the innermost nature of our bodies? How do we heal ourselves? With Anusara meditation, it becomes possible to become aware of these phenomena that have been so hard to accept, or even notice, for so long.

Perhaps one’s experience in the practice of deep meditation brings a sense of peace to the mind and/or body. Through meditation, the mind and body become connected, allowing them to be the same.


From an evolutionary perspective, we are genetically programmed to heal ourselves. However, it has become so difficult to heal that we come across many sicknesses and health issues that we did not evolve to handle. Having more awareness has the potential to help to heal all ailments. That’s regardless of the disease, whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. This is because with the discovery of how to meditate we are opening up channels of communication between our mind and body.

When we come across an issue, we can meditate and touch on these unmet needs, bringing clarity to them. The body responds to our insights by letting go and releasing negative energy, as well as releasing negative emotions.

Through mediation, it becomes possible to step outside of the body and sense and feel what is going on outside of ourselves. Through having this experience. We are capable of acting on what we hear and feel, instead of being passive victims of our condition.

When we receive messages from the body. We can then start to respond to these messages by opening ourselves up, releasing negative energy. We can take responsibility for our bodies and release the restrictive beliefs about the body that we carry around with us throughout our lives. Then we begin to connect with ourselves and each other and learn to love and accept ourselves and each other.

Deeper Meditation

Through deeper meditation, we can make the connection between the mind and body. We can learn to love ourselves, our bodies, and how we feel at any given moment. We can learn to release the limiting beliefs about ourselves, and learn to reach out and discover what we can be.

Anusara Meditation, more than anything else, is a practice of connecting with ourselves. We use our own energy to heal ourselves. Meditation brings us back to our own consciousness so that we can free ourselves from the confines of our mind and body. Meditation brings the mind and body together, as we discover the larger purpose of who we are.

Anusara Meditation - Becomes More In Tune With Us
Anusara Meditation – Becomes More In Tune With Us

Through meditation, we are able to enhance our lives with happiness, joy, peace, and vitality. Deep meditation opens the heart chakra, enabling the soul to speak, providing all the wisdom we need to feel love and acceptance.

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