7 Most Helpful Meditation Tips Reddit

Meditation Tips Reddit

Since you have just started meditation. I’ve researched meditation and found some basic mediation tips. While you are starting your day with meditation, think of what you are starting it for? You may want relaxation, relief, focus on work, inner peace, behavior, etc. For mediation, objective is very important. It will keep you away from distractions. Meditation is like a lubricant in your brain which keeps the brain thinking and taking the right decisions.

Now, below mentioned are some Meditation Tips that will help you change your life.

1. Choose The Best Time For You To Meditate

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Morning time is always the best because at that time, your brain is free and relaxed. Starting your day with meditation is everyone’s choice. It will keep you charged and relaxed the whole day. A morning meditation practice can do a miracle for keeping you calm and will give mindful thoughts throughout the day. If you want to meditate after work make a schedule as you can wind down the stress and focus on yourself.

2. Need Focus On Mediation? – Choose A Target

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Give aim to your meditation. Focusing on your breath will be a good choice because that’s the entry point to any meditation. Take a long breath as you feel stressed, it will 100% calm you down and will give you a direction.

3. Keep The Disturbance Away

While meditating you need perfect silence. Keep all the things away. Don’t listen to music, don’t keep your T.V running, YouTube videos off, etc. and even your inner voice too. These all are reasons that make noise and cause a reverberating perception that moves into the altered states of consciousness.

4. Start Your Shorter Session

Meditation often takes practice. If you are a beginner. Start with shorter sessions of 5 minutes and day by day increase your time. It will be easier and more effective.

5. Get Into A Comfortable Position

The first thing you’re gonna do is to sit straight, if you are sitting on a chair, sit straight and keep your shoulders loosen. Relax and then keep a long smooth breath-from your belly and then release it. And repeat it. Remember not to move your head and shoulder, it distracts you. Once you are relaxed completely, you will be able to feel your heartbeat and the silence of the brain.

6. Don’t Worry About The Failure

If your mind distracts you don’t worry and tell your mind to keep your memories for some other time, I will remember you later. This Trick will help you to come into the present situation and start again. Simply congratulate yourself for noticing and coming back. It will motivate you.

7. Try Another Meditation Practice

If you are frustrated but want to continue. Try another way. You may find success with other types of mediation – like karate breathing meditation. Remember Meditation is the only way through which you could find yourself. So, never quit it.


Now, we know to meditate and keep ourselves focused. The day you start meditating, make a promise to yourself that from all the distractions, I’ll move away, make my life productive and loosen my anger, support every needy person and focus on my family.

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