3 Beginner Meditation Script For You To Start Doing

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If you’re new to the practice of meditation, reading beginner meditation scripts can be a great way to help you get started. Also, by reading meditation scripts, it allows you to regulate that’s flowing into your mind. In the long run, it will help you release tension and other negativities, in order to feel refreshed once again.

First Meditation Script: Breathing Awareness Exercises To Ease Your Day

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This meditation practice is best done early in the morning, after you wake up, before you even start your daily activities. Additionally, this practice will help instill feelings of calm and regain focus on your tasks.

Take a moment to check your posture, whether you’re sitting or standing.

Close your eyes then take a gentle breath and pay attention to the flow of air entering and leaving your nose. Also, try to go with the flow with the thought and emotions happening inside your mind.

Establish the mood by relaxing your jaw, lowering your shoulders, and lifting your chest up

Feel the energy in your spinal cord as you allow your neck to float freely.

Turn your attention to your breathing, and while jaw still relaxed, whisper the word “Ahhhhhhh…” as you exhale.

After doing four to five round, remain still for a little longer while trying to notice the changes in your state of mind and body, at the same time.

Second Meditation Script: Inner Peace, Calm, and Happiness

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This mediation script is meant to be practiced as you wake up, although it can still be practiced at any time of the day especially when you’re feeling down, stressed, or overwhelmed in life. Moreover, this effective practice will just require at least two minutes of your time in order to make you feel reinvigorated again. 

Make sure to have the maximum comfortable while lying on your back. For those with lower back problems, placing a firm pillow underneath your knees can help alleviate the pain.

Start the second meditation by placing your left hand where your lower abdomen is located.

Meanwhile, rest your right hand on your upper part of the chest where you can feel a heartbeat.

Listen and focus to the sounds of your surroundings.

Slowly exhale through the nose with a count of one-two-three-four.

For every breath, say “I am peace.”

When you satisfied, gradually bring back the attention to your hands, then open your eyes again.

Third Meditation Script: Ease Tension And Calm Your Mind

After calming yourself for about 10 minutes to set the mood, gently say these words: “I give thanks for my health and the joys of being alive.” 

It is also important to know your true intention when doing this meditation.

While keep your eyes closed, pay attention to your breathing pace as it goes in and out of your nose.

For every breath, slowly breathe in, then quietly count “one.”

Breathe out, then quietly count “two.” Continue until you reach 10.

When you reach 10, go back to number one the practice for about 10 minutes.

When you’re ready to end it, slowly open your eyes and notice the changes in your thoughts and state of mind.

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